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Roofing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

roofing covid 19

As we are all practicing social distancing and good hygiene etiquette in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Brian Dawson Roofing is still here to serve you. Our team is taking the necessary precautions to ensure your health and safety are always at the forefront of how we serve you.

Our top priority is to protect the health of our customers and employees. By following the recommended guidelines from the local health officials and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), we will do our part in preventing the spread of this contagious virus.

Committed to Customer Service

customer services

Brian Dawson Roofing has been serving homeowners for over 20 years. Although our normal routine has been altered, our commitment to give our customers the same great service and quality work will not change. The following are safety measures we’ve implemented to protect our customers and employees.

Estimates and Initial Consultation

  • If you request an estimate, it will be sent via email or snail mail.
  • We can discuss all projects by email or phone. We do have the option of having an online meeting as well.
  • If deemed necessary, we can discuss your roofing project in person.  Again, CDC social distancing and hygiene guidelines will be applied. Our contractor does not have to enter your home for any roofing projects.
  • At your request, we will wear a face mask before entering your home or building.

Proposals and Roofing Project

  • Once you’ve received an estimate and agree on price and services to be rendered, your proposal can be signed via email.
  • When the signed proposal has been received, we will assign a project manager to oversee the progress. The project manager is responsible for enforcing safety protocols, ensuring the right roofing materials are available and making sure you are satisfied.
  • Before entering a customer’s home or property, we will communicate that we’re healthy and ask if our customer is as well.
  • Our team will greet each customer with a nod or wave.
  • All our drivers and roofing professionals will use hand sanitizer diligently.
  • Invoices, waivers and other documents will be sent via email or snail mail.

Roofing Services

roofing services during covid 19

Our team wants to make sure you are well informed of all updated company policies as it relates to protecting your health and the status of your roofing project.  If you already have an appointment set up with us, we will report on the scheduled date. If you have any concerns, please call us in advance.

The following roofing services will continue to be offered during this pandemic.

Roof Inspections

Having your roof inspected is the best way to learn about potential roofing problems. This can save you time and money before costly damages arise. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, a roof inspection should be done after a major storm, or during the fall and spring seasons.

During a shingle roof inspection, our trained roofing professionals look for signs of water damage, mold, clogged gutters, and shingle deterioration.

Roof Repairs

Not sure if your roof needs to be repaired?  Here are some sure signs that a call needs to be made to Brian Dawson Roofing.

  • Roof Rotting
  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Missing or buckling shingles
  • Roof flashing
  • Curling shingles
Roof Replacements

A roof replacement is warranted if it shows signs of major water damage, has large amounts of mold or is sagging.  If you need a roof replacement, we will come to your home to measure the property. You do not have to be at home when we are working on the roof. The type of shingle and color of the shingles can be selected by looking at sanitized samples that we’ll leave for you at your home.  

Emergency Roofing

Roof leaks can occur during rainstorms with high winds or if it was poorly installed the first time. You can contact us by phone or email for any roofing emergency.

Customer Engagement

customer engagement during covid 19

While we take the necessary precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we ask that our customers do the same. We are all in this together. It is helpful to our employees that they know if someone in your household has symptoms of the flu, cold, or COVID-19.

If you’d rather receive information from Brian Dawson Roofing by email versus snail mail or delivered by our team, we will honor your request.

A Trusted Roofing Partner

Brian Dawson Roofing is your local roofing professional that is standing with its community. Roofs are a major investment in the health of your home. Contact us today by phone or email for a free estimate.


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