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5 Common Spring Roofing Problems


spring roof problems

After dealing with cold temperatures and snow in the winter, most homeowners feel a sense of relief knowing that warmer weather is on the horizon. With spring around the corner, many people start cleaning out the inside of the home. The outside of the house needs some attention too, particularly the roof.

There are a few issues to look for to keep a roof in the best shape possible. The heavy snow from winter can wreak havoc on roofs. Springtime brings rainy days, which means the potential of leaks if the roof is defective. Getting the roof inspected now can avoid the need to make costly repairs later.

Roof Problems Many Homeowners Encounter

The roof is one of the most important structural components of a home. Being proactive in continuous roof maintenance can save homeowners significant costs in repairs. The earlier a roof problem is identified, the less chance it will need emergency repairs. When an issue is found, it should not be ignored. Hiring a professional roofing company to inspect the roof will save time and money in the future.

leak roof inspect regularly
1. Active Leaks

When the temperatures begin to climb, all of the snow and ice melts which can cause roofs to leak. If there are stains on the walls or ceilings, it is a sign that the roof is leaking. Water damage could occur due to excess water and moisture caused by the leaks.

2. Sagging and Moisture Retention

Heavy snow during the winter can affect a roof’s structural integrity. This may cause some parts of the roof to sag. Once the snow is gone, all of the water soaks into the roof leading to excessive moisture and condensation-related issues in the attic.

3. Animal Infestation

Broken shingles, loose siding, and dormant chimneys are all places little critters seek shelter. Squirrels, raccoons, and birds are the most common animals that can damage roofs. They can also cause electrical wiring issues and interfere with venting systems.

Pay attention to odd noises around the home or an increase in animals congregating. This is a sign of a nesting issue. An animal removal service should be contacted to relocate them to the right habitat.

4. Clogged and Damaged Gutters

Inspecting the gutters and downspouts ensures that they are clear of debris at all times. Proper drainage is crucial in preventing water from pooling on the surface of the roof. Gutters should be cleaned regularly to keep drainage issues at bay.

Gutters tend to loosen due to excessive debris, wind, and changes in temperature. Defective gutters can lead to water damage as it exposes the siding and foundation when left unrepaired.

5. Chimney Deterioration

Chimneys should be inspected for cracks. When warmer temperatures begin to melt ice and snow, the water runs into the cracks. Lower temperatures at night can cause the bricks and mortar to expand. When this occurs, leaky roofs or a loose chimney are the results.

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