An "Integrity Roofing system" is not just shingles nailed on top of your roof to prevent water intrusion. It's made up of several key components, that if installed correctly,  will all work together to protect your most valuable investment in life. An Integrity Roofing System carries a valid Lifetime Warranty by both the manufacturer and Brian Dawson Roofing. What this means is the contractor and installers cannot cut corners, use cheap materials, or eliminate components of the roofing system.

"Integrity Roofing" begins with the roof decking. Roof decking should be made up of 7/16" CDX or plywood according to the 2009 International Residential Code. Most municipalities with the exception of a few in the St. Louis Area have adopted and amended the 2009 IRC.

Having a reliable nailing surface free from rot, holes, gaps and one that is properly spaced to allow for expansion and contraction is the 1st step in to ensuring your new roof installation will last its full life expectancy. Brian Dawson Roofing will perform a full and complete tear off of your old roof all the way down to the roof deck. We inspect the roof decking thoroughly for damaged or rotted wood and replace it as needed.

The second component to the Integrity Roofing System is the Ice and Water Protection. Ice and Water Protection is a rubberized, self adhering membrane that is used along areas of the roof that are prone to leaking. This self sealing membrane reinforces these trouble areas and prevents dangerous ice damming in the winter time. Although it is not required by code in some areas, Brian Dawson Roofing uses this membrane as a standard roofing practice on every new roof installation.

Roofing underlayment makes up the third component of the Integrity Roofing System and plays a key role in providing water protection over the roofing deck. Brian Dawson Roofing uses a high-performance underlayment which provides a your home a protective water-resistant layer against leaks. Unfortunately, some fly by night contractors out there looking to save a penny and increase their profits will do one of two things, either not use any underlayment at all, or worse - use pre-existing damaged and deteriorating underlayment already present on the roof. Neither of these are a good idea.

Roof Ventilation is the most ignored roof component and the fourth key to the longevity of your Roofing System. The benefits of proper roof ventilation far out weigh their costs. Heat in your attic that cannot escape will radiate downwards into your living space which you pay to keep cool in the summertime. Also, an improperly vented roof is unable to discharge the moisture which builds up in the attic space and can lead to a number of other problems. And finally, an improperly vented roof will accelerate the age of your shingles. Basically speaking, they will literally cook to death. Brian Dawson Roofing has a number of ventilation applications available to help you save on your energy bills and extend the life of your roofing system. Roof venitlation is a part of the evaluation performed free of charge and we will be happy to discuss your options when you meet with a member of the Brian Dawson Roofing team.

Metal roof flashing plays an important role in preventing water intrusion and is the fifth component. Anytime there is an intrusion on the roof (pipe jack, skylight, chimney, furnace cap, or vent), that area is prone to leaks if it is not flashed properly. These items also require future maintenance and regular yearly inspection. After a new roof is installed by Brian Dawson Roofing, the first year maintenance is provided as a complimentary follow up service. Just like an automobile requires oil changes, tires, filters and maintenance, your roof also requires maintenance to ensure you get the most life out of it and optimal performance.

The final component of the Integrity Roofing System is like the icing on the cake. It is one that provides valuable curb appeal and lasting beauty. CertainTeed Landmark Architectural shingles come in a variety of stunning colors and designs. Our high performance shingles outlast the less expensive brands out on the market today. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty and a lifetime installation warranty by Brian Dawson Roofing, you can rest easy knowing that we will be here for you from the start, during installation and beyond.