Emergency Roofing

Imagine the worst-case scenario. Your roof has started leaking, water is getting everywhere, and it doesn't look like it is going to stop anytime soon. When residential properties suffer roof damage, the issue must be addressed urgently. Ignoring the problem can lead to more headaches over time.

Addressing leaks right away is key to avoiding mold and interior water damage. Water in your attic can pose a fire hazard. Your roof and your home can suffer major structural damage if left unchecked.

Brian Dawson Roofing Will Be There When You Need Us

Brian Dawson Roofing is your emergency roofing specialist. From water leaks to storm damage, we are available for any emergency roofing situation any time of the day.

We will not only come out to cover up your roof, but we will work with your insurance company through every step of the way to restore your roof to its original state.

We understand that having roof damage can be a stressful time which is why our qualified contractors handle every customer with honesty and integrity. Your home and family are your most valuable assets and we want to help you protect both.

Brian Dawson Roofing responds to emergency roofing matters promptly. We take pride in knowing that your family and home will be safe when our team arrives to get your roof stabilized and repaired.


It's critical that you call Brian Dawson Roofing for a quick repair or a protective tarping to prevent further damage to your home and belongings. You don’t want more issues to worry about. Tarping is a quick solution for emergency roofing remediation. They are needed to protect your home while you wait out long-term storms or until roofing materials arrive. 

Brian Dawson’s Roofing emergency team gets damaged roofs covered and sealed quickly with tarping designed to withstand severe storms. Your home’s structure and interior items are well-protected until a permanent roofing repair or replacement can be done.

Why Choose Us for Emergency Roofing Services?

If you are looking for an emergency roofing company in a hurry, look for one with years of experience and a solid reputation. We are locally owned and operated and treat our customers like neighbors as we have been serving the area since 1999. We also believe in being held accountable, which is why our work is done under warranty as well as being fully insured. You can sleep easy knowing that the roofs we install are built to last and stand the test of time.

When you call on us during an emergency, you are going to get the same quality of service that we always offer but with extra expediency. Our emergency response times allow us to get in quickly and prevent further damage from being done to your home.

Insurance Claims Assistance

Besides being able to handle any emergency roofing problems, our service also extends to providing assistance in filing insurance claims. One of the most stressful parts of dealing with emergency roofing situations is wondering whether your homeowner’s insurance will cover the repairs.  Brian Dawson Roofing can assist you with the insurance claims process.

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 Let us be your roofing company in your time of need. Contact us today for your emergency roofing needs. Day or night, Brian Dawson Roofing is here to help protect your home.