June 26

The 411 On Wind Damage

It happens more and more these days - You wake up in the morning and step outside to get the newspaper and find several tabs of shingles lying in your front yard. The wind storm last night was just too much for your roof to bear.

shingle roofing

When you look up at your roof, you see this:

  • Now what do you do?
  • "How much damage is up there?" You think to yourself.
  • "I wonder if I have any leaks?"
  • "Oh man, how much is this going to cost?"

Here's the good news: We can help.

Often times wind damage is contained to a small area of your roof. Depending on the strength of the storm though, it could be more. Regardless, the damage tends to be directional with straight line winds. (Not so much with tornadoes).

Give us a call and have one of our roofing experts come out to do a complete thorough inspection of your roof. We will carefully access the damage and provide a FREE consultation to you.

If the damage is minor and only requires a small repair, we would be happy to assist you and provide a FREE estimate for repair.

If the damage is more extensive, beyond repair or caused by a tornado, we will walk you through the insurance claim process and file your claim. In the meantime, we will perform an emergency temporary repair to keep further damage from occurring.

The most important thing you can do as a homeowner is to take immediate action

Ignoring small problems can lead to bigger problems and expensive remediation and repairs. The sooner your roof problem is addressed, the better.


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