June 26

Curling Shingles


Curling is generally a moisture-related problem. The shingle absorbs moisture, either during the manufacturing process, or because of poor ventilation in the attic space of the home.

If the curling is not severe, the problem can be solved by tabbing down the shingles. This can be done as a DIY project or if you would prefer to have a professional come out and complete the job, Brian Dawson Roofing would be happy to assist you.

Excessive curling on a roof is not a curable condition, especially if it is determined to be the result of improper ventilation. The roof would need to be replaced and the ventilation issue would need to be addressed at that time to prevent re-occurrence of the problem.

Curling shingles are most susceptible to wind related damage. Wind can penetrate under the shingle and cause lifting which may lead to worn seals and, in severe cases, what we call the "zipper effect" - a series of wind damaged courses that are lifted on the roof. Wind driven rain is now able to penetrate the roof deck putting the dwelling at risk for leaks.


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