4 Types of Roof Damage that Is Covered by Insurance

Roof damage exposes your home to rain, wind, and debris. Your home’s structure and furnishings can all be destroyed.  This is why when we buy a home, we have homeowners insurance to cover the repairs needed from roof damage. The dwelling coverage in a homeowners insurance policy helps protect your home’s structure, including the roof, […]

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6 Benefits of Proactive Commercial Roof Maintenance

By the time many commercial roofing problems are identified, secondary damage has already occurred. That means higher repair costs or an increased likelihood that you’ll need to replace it. Proper maintenance will help spot small problems before they become major expensive issues. Proactive roof maintenance delivers essential benefits and can save your business money in the […]

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6 Elements of a Roof Inspection

If your roof has begun to show signs of age and neglect, it is probably time to schedule a professional roofing inspection to avoid expensive repairs or major damage to your property. It is recommended for homeowners to have their roofs inspected once per year. Roof inspectors look for every single sign of damage on and […]

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6 Tips to Prepare for Your Roof Replacement

Getting your roof replaced can feel like an overwhelming project. However, putting off a roof replacement can be risky. You can open you and your home to possible leaks, higher energy costs, and structural damage if a problem is left uncorrected. If your roof has reached its lifespan or you notice damage, it’s time to […]

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We would like to let our customers know that during this time, we are taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are very limited in office staff and are working from home when we can. We do not have to enter your home and can conduct business through phone or email.  Read More...