Winfield Roofing

A New Roof Adds Value

If you have plans to put Winfield your home up for sale, you may want to check the condition of your roof. If it doesn’t pass an official inspection, it will need to be fixed or replaced prior to closing. Why not be proactive now to avoid delays later?

Even if the roof passes inspection, a new roof is a great selling point. Potential buyers will be more attracted to homes that don’t require immediate maintenance or repairs. You’ll likely get a better selling price with a new roof, as well.

Even if you don’t have immediate plans to sell your home, don’t you want to know if your roof has issues that may cause problems? After all, your roof is your first line of defense in protecting your home and possessions. You want to make sure to identify any weakness in order to avoid an emergency situation.

Get the Roof Inspected

You may not even be aware that you’re having roof problems. Even if you haven’t noticed any leaking, there may be areas that need repair to prevent leaks.

Getting a professional inspection in Winfield should be your first step. Brian Dawson Roofing, LLC offers free inspections. They will check for areas that are vulnerable and need repair in order to pass an official home inspection. They will document these issues and prepare an estimate for your consideration.

Some things we consider when inspecting your roof include:

  • Age of roof
  • Recent storms
  • Loose, bald, buckling, rotting, curling or missing shingles
  • Water spots in the attic, ceilings or walls
  • Bubbles under shingles
  • Moss and algae
  • Flashing wear and tear
  • Broken or cracked gutters or downspouts
  • Leaking skylights

Repair or Replace?

Once we inspect your Winfield roof, we will make recommendations on remedying the issues we uncover. Considering the roof’s age and severity of damages, we would recommend repairs or a complete replacement. If, in our professional opinion, repairs are sufficient to keep the roof in good shape for the foreseeable future, we can perform those repairs, upon approval.

Sometimes, it’s more economical to completely replace the roof on your Winfield home. Repairs may not be enough to pass an official home inspection. Or if you plan to remain living in your home for several more years, you’d likely save money by replacing the roof. This will eliminate the need for periodic patching and repairs. A new roof can last for 20 or more years.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you whether you want roof repairs or a complete replacement. Brian Dawson Roofing offers our professional opinion, but whatever you decide, we can help. We will do our best work and provide exemplary service, no mater if it’s repairs or replacement. If you ask us to install a new roof, you will also get a great warranty!

Hire Your Local Winfield Professional Roofer

We are a neighborhood residential and commercial roofing company serving Winfield and other nearby cities and towns. All our roofers are certified, licensed and bonded. We are dedicated to making sure our clients get the best quality and experience possible. The job is not done until you are completely satisfied!

Don’t settle for less than the best. Call Brian Dawson Roofing for all your Winfield roofing needs.