Lake St Louis Roofing

Has Your Lake St. Louis Roof Been Damaged?

The weather in Lake St. Louis and the surrounding area can be volatile. Heavy rains, lightning, hail, snow, blistering heat—these all can cause damage to your roof. It’s important to pay attention to any impacts the weather has on your roof. Small problems can grow quickly.

Signs of Roof Damage

There are several indications that your Lake St. Louis roof may need repair. Start by closely inspecting the roof for the following issues.

  • Broken or missing shingles
  • Curling, sagging or buckling shingles
  • Crumbling granules
  • Rust spots on flashing
  • Cracked caulking
  • Worn rubber boots on vent pipes
  • Damaged or missing chimney cap
  • Areas covered with moss or lichen

If you notice any of these signs, it’s likely that your roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

There are other areas that may indicate a faulty or damaged roof. If you notice any of the following, you may want to contact a reputable roofing company, like Brian Dawson Roofing, to further investigate.

  • Dark or wet spots on ceilings or interior walls
  • Peeling paint on the underside of roof overhangs
  • Damp spots alongside fireplaces
  • Water stains on pipes venting the water heater or furnace

Roof Maintenance and Repair in Lake St. Louis

We’ve all heard the phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”. This applies to many areas in life, and your roof is no exception. Inspecting it regularly for signs of damage and applying timely repairs will save you headaches in the long run. Without regular maintenance, a damaged roof can lead to other issues, like water in the home, ruining your valuable possessions.

You may be able to do your own roof inspection. If you do, make sure you document any issues you notice so you can present them to the roofing contractor who does the repairs. Of course, the contractor will do their own inspection before proceeding with any repairs. They are trained on what to look for, so they may find additional problems.

Trust a Local Lake St. Louis Roofing Expert

If you know or suspect that you need repairs to your roof, it’s best to hire a professional. Better yet, hire a an established professional in your community. That way, you can be confident that they’ll be around long after they’ve worked on your roof. If you hire a company who doesn’t have a local presence, how likely is it that you’ll be successful in resolving any issues after they’re done with the project?

Brian Dawson Roofing has been doing roofing since 1999. Our brick-and-mortar headquarters is in Wentzville, but we also serve Lake St. Louis, Weldon Spring, St. Peters, St. Charles, Dardenne Prairie, O’Fallon, and other cities and towns in the area. We plan to be here for years to come.

We have built a reputation for outstanding customer service and quality results. We count on word-of-mouth referrals for continued business, so we insist on exceeding your expectations. We know there are other roofing companies, so we do our best to be the best. We want to be your choice for anything roofing.

We’re a local company serving local customers. All our roofers are highly trained and have clean background checks. We’re completely insured and bonded to protect our employees and you.

When you need roofing inspections, replacement, or repair, trust Brian Dawson Roofing, LLC. We’re your local roofing contractor that you can depend on to do a complete and accurate job. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation consultation.