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Help! My Roof is Leaking!


A leaking roof is one of the foremost reasons a property owner will look for instant help from a roofing contractor. Such water penetration into a home is usually unexpected and unwelcome. The majority of these cases remain undetected until it is too late. Dealing with a leaking roof can be a headache. Calling a roofing professional is the best action to take.

It may take some time to get the problem fixed, either because the roofer is booked full or because you want to schedule for them to come at a time that suits you best. Either way, the leaking must be dealt with to prevent further damage, so you’ll need to take steps until it can be fixed.

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4 Measures You Can Take Until the Professionals Arrive

Homeowners may need to take temporary measures to stem any water damage until their leaking roof emergency can be resolved professionally.  If you find yourself waiting a bit longer to get your roof fixed, here are a few tips you can use to manage these circumstances until help arrives:

1. Identify the Source of the Leak

Check the ceiling area for spots that are dark or bulging. Feel by hand for the spot that is the dampest or softest. Look for pooling water in any ceiling fixtures. You will need to inspect the roof deck by way of the attic and crawl spaces. Tracing the water pattern from the ceiling to the roof can track the leak within your attic or crawlspace based on where it appears in the ceiling below.

Keep in mind that the way water travels from a leaking roof can be deceptive.  There could be weak spots in the ceiling's drywall or the opening for a fixture, such as a vent or ceiling lamp. This step can still help you better pinpoint where the water is entering the home. It allows you to create another barrier to stop the water from reaching the ceiling.

2. Contain or Seal the Leak 

Temporarily stopping a leaking roof can help prevent the damage from becoming more extensive, as well as protect the interior of the home, its contents, and its occupants.  Apply roofing cement or roofing tape to the underside of the roof deck or affix a plastic tarp over the source with staples or roofing nails.

You can also create a barrier using a piece of plywood across the joists within your attic or crawlspace. Don’t forget to place a large bucket on top to catch dripping water. Remember to regularly empty the water from the bucket.

3. Minimize Interior Damage

After you’ve called a roofer to schedule a professional repair,  minimize the damage to the interior of your home. This means rearranging the furniture, removing valuable or cherished items from the area, and covering floors and walls with waterproof materials such as a spare tarp or plastic garbage bags.

Soak up any standing water from the floor before covering the area with your waterproof covering to avoid trapping moisture against the surface. If water from the leaking roof is dripping down an interior wall, you can apply a plastic barrier to the wall, as well.

If you notice the ceiling dipping or bulging as though it is full of water, properly protect the surrounding area and poke a small hole in the ceiling to release the leak. This will help prevent further damage to the surrounding drywall. Place a bucket beneath to catch the water and empty it regularly.

4. Examine Your Roof Outside

Take a look at the roof from outside of your home. Signs of damage may be obvious such as a tree limb that’s fallen on the roof, or a missing shingle. If you notice any leaves or other small debris piling up on your roof or blocking gutters, gently sweep the debris off the roof, or reach into the gutter to dislodge the blockage.

We’re There When You Need Us

Taking temporary measures to address a leaking roof can provide some relief from water damage. If you have evidence of a leaking roof, call the roof repair specialists at Brian Dawson Roofing

We offer emergency services for situations where your roof is leaking. We’ll come and cover and seal damaged roofs quickly with tarping designed to withstand severe storms. Your home’s structure and interior items are well-protected until a permanent roofing repair or replacement can be done.

With years of experience in roof repairs and installations, the team at Brian Dawson Roofing can quickly and capably resolve the issue in the shortest time frame possible and help restore the reliability of the roof. Contact us to schedule an onsite inspection at your earliest convenience.


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