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5 Temporary Emergency Roofing Solutions


No one wants to deal with a leaky roof; however, it is bound to happen at least once if you own a home. Whether it’s a leak, the appearance of mold, or loose shingles, a damaged roof is not doing its job to protect the home.  If your roof begins to leak during a holiday weekend or when your roofing contractor is unavailable to come out immediately, a temporary fix is needed.

Keep Your Home Protected

emergency roofing

In the event of a roofing emergency, it’s up to you to keep your home protected until a professional can permanently fix the problem. Until they arrive, the goal is to minimize the damage, so you won’t have even bigger issues to deal with. 

These temporary repairs are designed to help get you through a short period with minimal water damage to your home while you wait for a professional.  As always, your safety is paramount, so use extreme caution when applying any temporary fixes to avoid injury.

1. Tarps

One of the fastest and least expensive ways you can prevent further damage to your home from a leaky roof is to cover the damaged area with a plastic tarp. Make sure you get one that is large enough to cover the entire affected area. 

Pull the tarp tightly down onto the roof and smooth it out. Nail down the edges and cover the nail heads with roofing cement. This will prevent rain from entering your home while you wait for the professional roofing contractor to repair it.

2. Reattach

If you have some loose, missing, or curling shingles, you can re-adhere them to your roof temporarily. This is not a long-lasting solution, but it can buy you some time before a permanent roof repair or replacement takes place.

Straighten out any curling shingles by softening them with a heat gun and gluing them down with roofing cement. Loose shingles should be slid back under the bottom edge of the row above and nailed down. Cover the nail heads with roofing cement. Apply additional roofing cement to all cracked joints and the edges of the flashing to help seal the roof.

3. Sealant

Another way you can conduct a temporary emergency roof repair is to seal and cover holes in your attic with caulk, flashing, and wood. A roof repair sealant can fill in punctures, holes, or cracks made on roofing materials.

4. Sheet metal

An emergency roofing repair that is more attractive than a tarp includes shingles made from sheet metal. Cut the sheet metal into the shape of the singles by tracing a loose shingle on top. Nail the metal shingles onto the roof in the same way you would install an asphalt shingle.

The sheet metal is an inexpensive fix that will keep your roof watertight in an emergency. This is a good way to temporarily replace a few missing shingles, but you’ll need to get a permanent roof replacement soon thereafter.

5. Roofing Felt

Laying roofing felt over missing shingles ensures water drains off the roof and doesn’t leak into your home. It prevents the risk of further damage from moisture damage, rot, and mold.

Roofing felt is made from natural materials such as wood cellulose or fiberglass. It’s saturated with a protective coating that repels water but still allows the product to breathe.

Common Causes of Roof Damage

Most roof damage begins with weather-related events. Harsh weather will cause your shingles to deteriorate much sooner than expected. Heavy rains, storms, hail, and ice can cause your roof to deteriorate. High winds from storms can result in shingles being blown off and damaged. UV light and extreme heat during the summer months can cause damage to your roofing. Be sure that your attic is well insulated.

Weather isn’t the only cause of roof damage.  Other factors can play into premature roofing issues.

Poor Installation. The integrity of your home’s structure is at great risk if your roof was installed incorrectly. Enlist the help of a licensed, experienced roofing professional for roofing repairs and replacement to ensure your home is properly protected.

Inferior Roofing Materials. Make sure the roofing material used is durable and can withstand this kind of risk.  Beware of contractors offering cheap rates, as this could be a sign that they use materials that are low quality and won’t stand the test of time.

Age. It’s important to schedule regular roofing inspections to determine if your roof needs replacement or maintenance. Some roofing materials last longer than others. Consult a professional about which materials are best for your home.

Call a Trusted Roofing Professional

Unexpected issues can happen with your roof at any time. When you need immediate assistance, you can rely on Brian Dawson Roofing.  We offer emergency repair services to protect your home until it is permanently repaired or replaced.

Our experienced team can inspect your roof, find the problem, and have it repaired or replaced. Contact us today if you have a roof emergency.


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