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Is It Too Cold To Roof?

When Is The Weather Too Cold Too Roof? Contrary to popular opinion, there is no right or wrong answer here, just common sense. Asphalt shingles can become brittle when the temperatures drop making installation more challenging. Brian Dawson Roofing’s best roofing practice says, “Asphalt shingles will only be installed when the outside temperatures are expected […]

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Disaster Restoration

Emergency Restoration Services Spring Storm Season – those few months that fall between April 1st and July 31st that keep us on our toes, our eyes glued to the weather station. It seems like every year Mother Nature surprises us with her hellish devastating fury dropping damaging hail, flash floods,  strong winds, and destructive tornadoes. […]

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Curling Shingles

Curling is generally a moisture-related problem. The shingle absorbs moisture, either during the manufacturing process, or because of poor ventilation in the attic space of the home. If the curling is not severe, the problem can be solved by tabbing down the shingles. This can be done as a DIY project or if you would prefer […]

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